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3 Ways Multichannel Retailing Harness Your Customer Experience

3 Ways Multichannel Retailing Harness Your Customer Experience

Have you ever been in this situation? You visit a shopping mall to purchase an item. When you ask an attendant about is location, they seem to have no idea. Or else, they answer you with a harsh tone.   How did you feel? Can you go back to the store in the future? Possibly, it can happen in a dream but not the reality. Customer experience is the cradle of your business. Whether selling online or offline, treating your customers with dignity and respect leads to more sales. In turn, poor services lead to reduced visits and conversions. When running a multichannel retail business, you need to work tirelessly in enhancing your customer experience. Here are 3 ways you can do this:

Offering real-time feedback to customer queries

Modern customers need enough information to make purchase decisions.  They will ask questions before accepting your offers. The time you take to answer the customer’s queries determines how they will take your online store. If you take a week to give a response, you will disappoint your customers. This poor experience will make them move to your competitors’ stores. Offering real-time feedback puts displays a picture of reliability. Your customers will view you as a concerned service provider or seller keeping them attached on your multiple selling points. Use of automation options such as chatbots can help you realize this objective. In a word, for better customer experience, avoid delaying your customer feedbacks.

Have an integrated customer reviews

As you might be aware, business is a social affair. Your previous customers influence prospects to purchase decisions. In this essence, your customer reviews are essential in harnessing your customer experience. What the current customers are saying about your brands and services influences the actions of your potentials. With the varying selling points in your multichannel e-commerce venture, having a centralized and integrated customer review system can work miracles in your business. Showing your previous customers experience will create interestin the prospects of enjoying the same. Hence, it will lead to a hike in conversion rates.

Personalize your offers

How do you feel when you find a message like this: “Hi John, get 60% on any product you purchase,offer just for you?” When you fail to take the offer, you find an ad on your social media offering an80% discount. This aspect is a super experience. Personalizing your offers make the target customers feel valued which boosts their experience on your multichannel retail.

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